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Cottage Industries Can Be Scary

What you’re looking at, just in the off-chance you didn’t immediately recognize it, is a custom-crafted Mego-compatible Abomination head. Look at that sculpt, man. It’s like Abomination himself is looking at me.

Here’s what’s so awesome about this Ebay auction: Someone made this with love. Some oddball working with a scalpel and maybe some injection molding elements I don’t understand –might as well be plutonium– crafted this with blood, sweat and tears. And the very best part? I DOESN’T look like crap. I would respect this seller even if his product looked like a cat’s ass, but it looks good and the respect is doubled. Even if you don’t have any Mego figures on which to put this thing, check this out. It’s weirdly compelling when you think about what goes into it.

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Monday is Merc Day

I work in an area that has far more homeless people than permanent residents. Of those thousands of homeless, many, sadly, are fighting mental illness. I interact with them every day and always walk away grateful that I don’t have to wrestle with mental health issues. Coming into contact with the mentally ill on the regular, I’ve become battle-hardened to nuttiness. I’m difficult to faze when it comes to compulsive or antisocial behavior.

But sometimes Ebay straight-up scares me.

Here’s an auction that I won’t say much about except that to get the full scope of what’s happening here, you have to click on this and check her asking price.

Also, I still hate Deadpool.

Speak of the devil. Here’s that painfully one-dimensional “merc with a mouth” in a costume with a color scheme that doesn’t make him look exactly like a confused Spider-Man. Now he just looks like a stupid version of Grendel.

I bet Deadpool would be saying something really “funny” right here.

Oh. Haha. He’s playing guitar. I bet fans of Deadpool are also fans of musical comedy. And Dane Cook.

Deadpool’s weapons? Or Carrot Top’s box of gags?

The craftswoman at work. A little peek behind the scenes. For inspiration when working on a Deadpool custom, she probably listens to Carlos Mencia’s comedy special.

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