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Movie Tie-Ins For Movies That Suck

The sad bastard children of the comics-to-film marketing landscape. These poor pieces of shit never had a chance.

Take, for example, this ring. An exclusive promotional item you could only find at participating 7-11 stores, this item is a tie-in for the incredibly dull 1996 film The Phantom. Now, if you’re a big fan of the Phantom as a character (all two of you) you may want this item for your collection. But deep down you’ll always know it’s from the Billy Zane movie you pretend never happened.

Or what about these sick Jonah Hex tattoos? From THE MOVIE. You want to relive that, right?

Part two coming soon, hopefully with Elektra tissue box cozies and Punisher: War Zone hubcaps.

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My least favorite issue – Avengers

Hey, you know another BUMMER character? Janet Pym. The Wasp. 

She’s cooler than… well that’s a hard question. She’s had her moments, but for a while she’s been a total sucker. And how bout making her worse – here’s some weird version of her. I remember picking this up and just being blown away by how wack the entire issue was. Make sure to buy this to truly know a bad comic book. 

From the wikipedia on The Wasp…

“Van Dyne has also displayed several non-superhuman abilities that have garnered her special fame and attention, foremost of which is her fashion sense; in nearly all of her early appearances, she sported a new costume, presumably designed and manufactured on her own as she is a gifted fashion designer. She is also a skilled amateur screenwriter.”

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