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Covers I Love: You Scream, I Scream…

Posting about Torpedo the other day made me wonder if I could hunt down any original Alex Toth art from his brief run as artist for it on the ‘bay. Well, I couldn’t find any of that, but I did find one for the Covers I Love file:

Human ice cream has always been a crap shot when it comes to being horrifying and not just silly. The Stuff, the Masters of Horror episode where Beecher from Oz was haunted by a clown that turned people to ice cream… but this Toth art legitimately is a creep giver.

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Covers I Love: The Blockbuster Goes Bat-Mad!

Much like Blockbuster himself, this one should be a no brainer…

Come on, do I even need to spell it out? This is a picture perfect piece of comic book cover art. And the back cover is just as great as the front, albeit for entirely different reasons…

And while we’re looking at this issue, it behooves me to point out that you can get 13 of the original stats for this issue for what seems to me to be a decent price in the auction below.

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