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Fear is the Mind Killer

Meeting creators whose work you enjoy is a double-edged sword. They don’t owe you anything but, at the same time, you really hope they aren’t total douches.

NYCC aptly demonstrated both sides of that sword to me. Some creators were cool as hell and happy to jaw it up with fans; some were real scumbags and would’ve preferred to have been home, verbally abusing their spouses.

One of the cool dudes was Rick Remender, whose Fear Agent recently won my heart (sadly, just in time for that series to end). I couldn’t talk to Rick myself (his FrankenCastle work would make our meeting too combustible. I still haven’t forgiven Ennis for his “Welcome Back, Frank” arc. Deep wounds take a long time to heal.) but my writing partner chatted with Rick for awhile and reports he’s a solid dude. His background in punk seemed obvious from his Fear Agent arc titles (“I Against I”, “My War”, etc) but I wasn’t aware his first work was published by Fat Records. Rick is willing to talk about it. Which is cool, because I don’t know if I would cop to Fat Records involvement.

Here’s an auction for some Fear Agent cover art, by Tony Moore. I can’t think of any way purchasing this will support Rick or Tony directly, but maybe it’s cool just to know someone spent their car payment on something related to you.

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