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No Care

List of things other people love but I am fully indifferent to:
The Descendents
Beach Boys Inspired Indie Rock
Austin Texas
Black Metal
The Dark Knight
Natural Breasts
College Football

While everyone else my age has warm feelings about Jim Lee, I’m left wondering “what’s the big deal?” Bear in mind I’m not knocking the dude. He’s put out books I really liked and has followed an altogether unique career path that is the envy of many creators. I just don’t feel him like that, you know? The noses are too small, the faces have too many lines… something. I don’t know. Everyone tells me to check out his Batman as evidence that he is one of the few artists that has grown and changed in a relevant way, but I’m stuck on this X-Men material I didn’t care for. But I suspect YOU care for it, so here’s an auction with your name on it. Actually, Jim Lee’s name is on it. Buy it. I won’t be angry.

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