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A Lesser Known Frazetta

The 1977 action thriller The Gauntlet is an often over looked Clint Eastwood gem that most people don’t remember. If you’d like to more about this movie check it out here, however even fewer people might remember the amazing poster art that accompanied this movie when it premiered in theaters. If the artwork looks at all familiar it should, because it’s the art of the legendary Frank Frazetta, most well known for his cover work on Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian books. Frazetta’s is best known for his dark fantasy and Sci Fi artwork so when I found out that this was one of his work’s I was a little surprised, it still manages to evoke that same sense of badassery that all his work evokes but with a much different subject matter. Like many of the movie posters from the 1970’s this is hidden treasure that needs to be resurrected for more people to see. This is a reproduction but nonetheless still worth owning for anyone who enjoys adorning their wall with awesomeness.redford-films has a 27″ x 40″ print for $18.99, or you could be a baller and drop $255.00 for an original 27″ x 41″ from cinemasterpieces.

This is the reprint.

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By Crom! This is a Worthy Price for Production Art!

You crave original art for your walls, huh? You want the real stuff. You want to smell the graphite on the paper. Well, forget about it. Originals cost an arm and a leg and unless you’re viewing this site from the wifi on you yacht, I think you should consider alternatives. Here’s a great example of how you can beautify your home and celebrate comics as a medium without spending your braces money. Here’s a production pasteup of Conan The Barbarian Annual 11. It’s not the original art, but it might be better. It demonstrates the process by which that original art becomes the product you got off the rack at the drugstore. And it’s one-fifth the cost. My advice is to hit this seller with a Best Offer of $150 and see if he/she bites.

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