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A perfect fit.

I’m trying, and failing, to think of a comic appearance of Emma Frost, the White Queen, that was illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz. If it did happen, I’ll need to track that down. Until then, this commission piece will serve as an absolutely perfect example of when a certain artist’s style fits the character perfectly.

I have no idea when this piece was commissioned, but it’s one of my favorites I’ve come across. Sienkiewicz absolutely works so well in black and white, and his strong, sharp angles, mixed medium usage and just general feel is better than any of the billion artists who’ve received rave reviews on their depictions of Ms. Frost. The image feels like it’s judging you, and that’s exactly what every piece of dialogue should feel like from this character; one of the unique pieces of comic book / visual story telling is when the image does a better job of conveying character than the words used. A+

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