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Daredevil circa 1977/1978.

This is such a great lot. Great cover artwork. Classic DD villains like The Owl, Bullseye, and Death Stalker (so underused, how does THAT guy stay dead while Stilt Man keeps running around?). The first appearances of Paladin and Ben Urich. And so on and so forth.

Comic lots man. Love em. Plus it’s a summer clearance sale so the starting bid is nice and low. Can’t do much better than that short of an actual yard sale.
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There’s Nothing Like A Lot.

You know it. I know it. We all know it. A lot of comics is a glorious thing. Even in the future, this will be the truth.

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If You Like To Gamble…

This is kind of an interesting auction.

It’s also kind of sketchy. For $5 plus shipping ($9.99?!?!), this seller will randomly select one of his over 400 comic books to send you. What comics he has, what condition… other than the 3 pictured to “whet your appetite”, he doesn’t really say.

The seller IS giving a 100% money back guarantee including shipping, and he claims to have many, many valuable comics in there aside from the three pictured (that are just their to whet your appetite), so how sketchy this whole “luck of the draw” thing actually is… well, it’s up to you.

Like I said, if you like to gamble…

Me though, I’d rather take my 5 bucks and gamble on this:

Read em and weep. The dead man’s hand again…

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