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Endlessly searching…

It appears that Walt Simonson dropped what by all measures has been regarded as an “ill” Thor shirt, the likes of which we mere mortals have yet to see. I don’t know about you, but I know that I would give… well likely I’d give $25 for a good Thor shirt. That’s a lot for a tshirt!

But since none of these have hit ebay yet, I’ll have to wait and bide my time with these lesser, but still pretty cool, Thor shirts.

Why, oh why, do you have to kill this shirt with the “It’s Hammer Time!” slogan? Seriously.

And in addition, came across this one while searching for Mr. Simonson on ebay came across this gem. File it under “doing cool shit before you were born” or also known as “comic con’s were not always cool”. Seriously. But this is cool.

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