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Ok, so first I said to myself, “whaaaaa, this dude is selling a BARON MORDO comic card with a starting bid of only 99c? Does he not know what a collectable this is? Does he not get what sort of prices a character like Mordo can command? He’s crazy!” and then I saw that this particular Mordo collectable was drawn AND SIGNED by none other than MIKE MANLEY, CREATOR OF DARKHAWK, and I said, “holy shit! THIS ITEM WAS SIGNED BY NONE OTHER THAN MIKE MANLEY, CREATOR OF DARKHAWK!” Bid now! Hottest item I’ll post all year. Watch its value grow like a diamond mine.

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I love Lord of The Rings too, but…

Never did I think I would read:

“Card LOTR Lord of the Rings Piece of Arwen’s Dress”

Really? I mean, really, did you need a piece of Arwen’s dress inserted into a small piece of cardboard? And that’s collectible? Really?

Is this all a part of Tolkien’s grand scheme?

Wait, does that mean they cut up the whole dress?

On the subject of Jim Lee autographs…

Back in 1992, I was in an after school jazz band program. Since it didn’t start until about an hour after school got out, my friend Mike and I would often walk over to Fiske’s General Store and buy some Jolt Cola and comics to bide out time with. Being like every other kid at the time, Jim Lee was the BEST ARTIST EVER and the new X-men series was the BEST SERIES EVER, so when these came out, we each saved up and bought a whole box in hopes of acquiring one of the elusive autographed cards.

We never got one. We didn’t even manage to get all of the hologram cards. But we did each end up with otherwise complete sets. Plus about 20 extra Kyluns.

Test your luck.

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