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You know what?

This is probably one of the best looking customs I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure it took a lot of patience, time, hard work, and perseverance to so thoroughly capture the awesomeness of the Age of Apocalypse Colossus.

In the spirit of that, I’m saying we split the AOA down the middle, and make it a week long thing sometime in the near future. A Comicnoize Event, if you will. There’s certainly enough AOA material to go around; Marvel milked that cow like veganism was about to become mandatory within the year.

AOA Colossus approves. I think. He kind of never smiled in that universe. Ever.


Colossus was always awesome. Totally under rated X-character, always getting short shrift in favor of the little Canadian dude and the schmuck with the playing cards and Halle Berry…

Dude was mad awesome back in the 80s though, when he was hooking up with under age Kitty Pryde and going toe to toe with the Juggernaut.

I’m sure the “power lift action” is just the old Super Powers “squeeze the legs and the arms go up and down trick” (or maybe it was a little lever in the back, I feel like I remember this line going the level route), and bicep curls aren’t what I’d call a power lift, but still. You get a Colossus action figure that can do bicep curls all day long. Match him rep for rep. You won’t.

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