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Color Me Impressed

Before we go any further: Buy this. I don’t normally tell people straight out to buy the auctions we post up here on Comic Noize. We trust you can tell the difference between items that you should scoop up and the stuff that is just fun to read about. I suggest you click all of it and check out how ridiculous sellers on Ebay can be, but actually buying it… that’s your call. But this is cool. And cheap. Therefor, something that should be purchased.

Coloring is the second-most misunderstood art tied to the comic book medium (lettering being slightly more misunderstood), and doesn’t get the respect it deserves as an art unto itself. As a professional penciller said recently, “there are good colorists, then there are colorists who are good AND advance the story and those are truly rare.” Well put. Do yourself the disservice of checking out those calling themselves colorists on Deviantart.com or Digitalwebbing.com and you’ll immediately recognize the value of a good one. For every 50 people who color, there is one that truly adds something.

So pick this up. It’s from a cool period in Amazing Spider-Man history and if you hang it up in your home you are doing your small part to recognize the artistry of comic book coloring. Or at least you are recognizing the process behind your favorite medium. Also, it’s the perfect cheap Christmas gift for a Spidey fan.

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