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You Won’t.

You won’t spend the $60 plus shipping to buy both of these:

And then spend $25 plus shipping on these…

…so you can USE them to color both the coloring books AND the cards that came with them.

You won’t.

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Hulk Like Circus. Hulk Like Pandas. Hulk Random.

What’s that you say? You’d like to see the Incredible Hulk swing on a trapeze with a big dopey grin on his face?


A little too surreal looking? How’s about some standard super hero fare… robot shooting lasers, evil looking business dudes, scientists, a happy child… and a panda bear.

The seller is the Bedrock Comics store in Framingham, MA. I used to stop there after work when I lived there, always good stuff on the shelves. Be sure to browse their other auctions.

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This Is The Thing About Being A Little Kid.

Sometimes, when you get awesome Super Powers coloring books for Christmas?

And they have masks you can cut out of the back cover?

You kind of sort of immediately cut out the masks and run around wearing them, and just kind of let the rest of the coloring book fall apart.

Don’t let your kid make my mistakes.

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