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Rick and Dagger

Rick Leonardi. Is the man underrated? Well, he’s had a long career in comics and that’s something not everyone can claim. But he’s never really been placed among the best contemporary creators. People seem to file him under “working artist” instead of “visionary”. And that may be the case. But there has to be some area inbetween terms for those men and women who are in every way notable, but perhaps not “essential” in popular opinion. I’m going to say Leonardi is important. That’s the word I’ll use.

I thought with a new Cloak & Dagger oneshot floating around, now would be a good time to revisit important artist Rick Leonardi’s 1985 series of the same name. This is the complete mini-series. Leonard would return for the ongoing version, twice.

And in case you needed a non-Cloak & Dagger point of reference, here’s a beautiful Uncanny Issue from Leonardi. Hell, dude even made Spider-Man 2099 a viable purchase! More on that later.

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I mean, I like Cloak & Dagger too but…

Is anyone really going to drop $38.00 on this? 

They had better hope someone making a retro 80’s movie needs that perfect shirt for the strange alt girl who wears a trench coat and john lennon glasses with neon plastic jewelry.

All that said… if someone has this shirt in XL or bigger… let’s talk.

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