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Top 100 Summer Comics #67

After some of my interest in the X-Men comics of the 90’s has been coming out, I had to stop myself.

I was starting to feel like a kid who loved LeBron James but didn’t really know much about this Jordan guy, let alone Magic and Bird.

Let’s talk classics. Stone cold classics.

#67 – X-Men 12

Do you know the Juggernaut? How about the origin of Charles Xavier? A must read for absolutely ALL comic book fans. This is like The Hobbit – you don’t need to know the content of this book to enjoy the X-Men, but if you don’t you will never really appreciate the stories like you should/could.

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You know it’s bad when…

Robin is commenting that you have too many brightly colored outfits.

For real Bruce. I would like to see the Otherworld where this caught on. And actually, didn’t DC just recycle this idea for the Green Lantern series?

This kind of zaniness is one of the most charming things about DC of the era. Very little can top the somewhat ambiguous tone of Batman in red (I think everyone with any knowledge of the color wheel would call that magenta, or perhaps even fuchsia), looking over one shoulder at his myriad of other batsuits while Robin reprimands him. If you ever needed the inspiration for the Ambiguously Gay Duo, it came from these here pages. Incredible.
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Marvel Video Games, then and now

It was all I ever wanted. 

No, not a Pepsi. 

An Uncanny X-Men videogame for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 

The possibilities were endless. Imagine – being able to control these characters who I so intently followed? However…

It wasn’t quite as golden as I would have hoped. And others agreed, and continue to voice this dissatisfaction even today.

“The game really isn’t all that great. It has stupid controls and there are no real enemies. They are all like little blobs.”

“…this early LJN title was hard as hell and was unfinishable unless you had a secret code.” 

But – it sure was cool, in theory. For about the price of dinner at Applebee’s, you can get a nice piece of X-Men and Marvel history in very nice shape. 

Now to the other side of the coin. 21 years later, Marvel fixed everything by releasing the best (to date) superhero game on any platform with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Found some great deals on ebay, especially the one below. Brand new for about half the price you’ll find at your local megastore.

There are so many differences I shouldn’t need to detail any – but I’ll drop one stat.

Number of playable characters in The Uncanny X-Men (NES) – 6

Number of playable character in Ultimate Alliance 2 (XBOX360) – 29

‘Nuff said.

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