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Who Let the Mad Dogs Out?

My hunt for decent dog-related comic books continues albeit with diminishing returns. Basically anything that isn’t Groo isn’t really moving the dog meter in my mind. I went searching for Mad Dog, which I thought was a DC book in the vein of 90s Punisher, but here’s what I found instead.

Apparently my memory is failing because in the issue of Mad Dog I remember from my youth, Mad Dog fought a “mask collector” who had Batman’s mask in his collection. So either Marvel was playing with some copyright infringement and my memory sucks, or there is two Mad Dogs. I also don’t remember any of this awful-looking 90s lettering or barf-colored cover.

This certainly isn’t the Mad Dog I was thinking of. It is, however, a really standout cover from this period of Amazing Spider-Man. This stuff is a little typical now, but at the time this was as “indie” as the big two had gone. Still looks pretty cool.

This also isn’t the Mad Dog I’m looking for. It’s a Chuck Dixon book I’m not familiar with. Looks highly 80s.

EDIT: WILD DOG! Not Mad Dog! Wild Dog is the DC property and Mad Dog is the Marvel thing. More on this tomorrow!

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