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CBGB’S Official 1st COMIC BOOK

October 15, 2006 was a sad day for music. That was the day CBGB’S opened and closed its famous doors for the last time. I remember the first time I went there. It was a Sunday matinee Hardcore show in 2000. I had never been to a place like it before, it felt like I was in somebody’s dirty basement of a post apocalyptic city. The walls were covered in stickers and flyer’s. Graffiti decorated every inch of the bathroom whose sole toilet sat upon a pedestal of concrete. I never saw an ass touch that seat. It probably led to instant herpes. newnostalgic is selling the first issue in a six part series that was released to commemorate the culture of CBGB’S. Let me tell you right now no comic will ever come close. If you never experienced it you never will. I went to CB’S maybe 10 times in my life, but every time I went I had a different experience.

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