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For what it’s worth…

I saw Iron Man 2 today. I’ll reserve my thoughts until the resident film guy throws his down, which I am excited for…

But I enjoyed it. And it wasn’t the only comic-related movie I watched this weekend. I also got the chance to catch an absolute classic on cable. SUPERMAN II.

This original promo poster is incredible. The skyline, the image of Superman flying towards the 3 bad guys, the quote at the bottom… frame it.

The first two Superman movies featuring Christoper Reeves are almost untouchable as far as superhero movies go, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t usually make it my business to see comic flicks, I’m scared they will suck. Too many have. In recent years, that’s changed. But it was well after the first 2 X-Men movies came out that I saw either, and I think I’ve seen Spider-Man all the way through but that was good. (And to be honest, the first Iron Man movie was my favorite of the bunch.)

But they didn’t capture the essence of the character like the Superman movies. And while Richard Donner is worthy of respect for a lot of that, I think that the lion’s share should go to the late great Christopher Reeves. He does everything right as both Clark Kent and Superman, and somehow pulls off the two roles seemlessly, simultaneously.

Superman II introduced the world to General Zod, that’s enough for this post alone, but the poster is awesome. Did you know you can get all 4 Superman movies for under $10? One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Tell me I won’t watch Superman 4.

Ursa: You are master of all you survey.
General Zod: So I was yesterday. And the day before.
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