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Have we covered this gem here at Comic Noize? It’s on my mind because a coworker recently asked me if Spider-Man had ever killed anyone. This book sprung to mind instantly. It must have made a big impression on me in my youth.

We’ve got everything you could need in an 80’s comic book. Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the cold war. Put it in a tumbler, shake it up and you’ve got magic in a bottle. Written by Jim Owsley (the man now known as Christopher Priest) this book was concise and fun. How often are those two things paired these days? Also, Spider-Man killed someone.

Sometime soon I’m going to do a Owsley/Priest super-post because this dude is a real firebrand. The comic book profession is so full of wingnuts and nutjobs that I have to wonder where Priest falls in the spectrum. A quick bio would lead one to believe Priest is a benign weirdo, but perhaps he’s a raging psycho. Further exploration of his work/personal history will be needed before a definitive classification can be leveled against him.

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