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The Time Has Come

It’s Monday and that means MORE Auctions From the Dark Underbelly of Original Art! Our weekly installment of sellers plying wares only suitable for weirdos adults.

Let’s start with this killer Cheetara piece by Mac. Did you enjoy the cartoon ThunderCats when you were 7 years-old? Do you want to masturbate to those memories? Here’s some reference material.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Red Monika was or why she was so popular with artists dealing in busty portraiture. A little research yielded an interesting find: She’s supposed to look like that. She’s from a book called Battle Chasers that I made fun of my friends for buying a decade ago. Maybe her giant chest is a sort of parody, or maybe Joe Mad realized that big breasts rule and, in the absence of substance, provide something for the readership to latch onto. Alex Lei learned that lesson well. Here’s his take on Monika.

The winner of this week’s Darkest of Underbellies award, here we have a sketch of Spider-Woman. I guess. Who can tell? Her face isn’t visible and only the hint of a spider costume is implied. When I first saw this piece by Alex Oliver, I presumed I was looking at Hooker-Crying-After-Punch-In-Mouth but, no, this is Spider-Woman.

More next week! Perv’d out fan art and pro commissions are like like solar energy. Sustainable! Renewable! We’ll have an endless supply until the sun explodes!

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