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Eat Me, Batman.

Here’s just a smattering of the superhero-related utensils available on Ebay. Who knew people wanted to connect with their favorite characters while they ate? Because I suspect helps motivate a sale, I should mention that Catwoman has her whip in the spoon image. Get weird, 50-year-old men.

As odd as the collectors’ spoons are, I think the toddler utensils are even stranger. It says “Batman” on it. Can toddlers read? Serious question because I try not to know any toddlers so I have no idea. Wouldn’t an image of Batman himself be more effective?

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Batman/Daredevil: Kings of New York

In 2000 this crossover comic teaming Daredevil with Batman was released. Sometimes I like crossovers and sometimes I don’t. In this case these two superheroes complement each other very well. Both have similar backgrounds and personalities. The story revolves around Catwoman stealing something valuable of Kingpin’s and bring it to Gotham city. Daredevil follows and joins up with Batman. It turns out that Scarecrow is behind the crime. If you get a chance pick this up from bgifford.iv. I think you will enjoy it.

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Dark Knight Rises Casting News.

As you probably heard yesterday, Warner Bros. announced two key pieces of casting for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, entitled “The Dark Knight Rises” (a title which still makes me think of bread): Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman (though conspicuously not listed as the latter)…

…and Thomas Hardy of Inception and Bronson fame as Bane.

Like pretty much every one else, I’m psyched on Hardy and iffy on Hathaway. For me it’s not her talent, it’s that she’s a movie star more than she is an actress. It’s like if Audrey Hepburn had shown up in the Batman tv series. She radiates an entirely different vibe than the rest of the known cast, which is full of character actors like Freeman and Caine and chameleons like Bale and Oldman. BUT people were iffy on Heath Ledger too and we all know how that turned out…

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I never really got into Megos. I’m pretty sure I had a Hulk, a Spiderman, and a Spider-mobile as a little tyke, but that’s really it. I guess I came along just a smidge too late for them.

But some people really dig em. They’re very collectible.

Case in point. Under a day left, already over a hundred bucks. Or take a look at this guy:

Mint in package Mego Thor. 7 bids, $430 bucks, a hair under a day to go. Heck, even a line of generic Cavemen Megos is up to over $300…

So yeah. Clearly I missed out on something.

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