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Guilty Pleasure File.

I was perusing Comic Book Resources the other day, and I saw an article that made me giddy. One of the few late 90s Spider Man villains that I ever enjoyed, and a long time resident of my Guilty Pleasure File is making a comeback during the Fear Itself event. That villain?


There’s a couple reasons I think this dude was awesome. Number one, his costume. The late 90s were a time of giant shoulder pads to be sure, and admittedly I could do without them (and from the preview art at CBR it looks like they’re gone), but I’m a sucker for the white and blue costume scheme (see X-Factor era Cyclops and the Blizzard), so it worked for me. The other main reason is that his shades of gray origin was ahead of it’s time: he was a doctor who swore a vendetta against business men who placed profits before people, because a company withheld the release of medication that would have saved the life of his brother. So yeah, I’d say now is actually a REALLY good time to bring Cardiac back into the pages of Spidey (we won’t get into how they blew a prime opportunity a while back to bring him by doing a storyline where Electro went after the bankers who lost his savings). But since that’s not happening, I’ll settle for a one off story in an issue of Fear Itself: The Front Line.

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