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Classic Glasses, volume 1.

Some of these glasses are in great condition. Some are merely good. And some are so faded the image is barely there.

But they’re all still great. You follow me?

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Captain Marvel, DC comics version. 

I don’t know why, but for some reason I always liked the idea of Captain Marvel more than Superman. Maybe it was the mini-cape. Maybe it was the “Shazam!”… but it was probably just the lightning bolt. So cool. Simple. It wasn’t an “S”. Imagine if you walked around wearing clothing with the first letter of your name dead center? COOL, Kal-El. 

Nothing says Shazam like getting this patch, sewing it on the left chest of your jean jacket and going on down to the county fair, impressing all the ladies. 

Three words. Buy. It. Now.

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