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Back From the Bloc

Hey ya’ll, I’m back from a short trip to Eastern Europe.

They’ve got beautiful women and a friendly attitude over there, but that’s rarely what’s represented in comic books. Instead, we’ve got Hitler, Hitler, and more Hitler. Normally, I’d decry the bias there and implore our comic creators to illustrate the variety of lifestyle found in Easter Europe. But there’s no denying how fun a good Hitler comic can be. So I declare this Hitler Comic Week. Come back each day for an update on that dude. Spoiler: He usually loses.

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Wack Cover Week: Day 1. Who Jumps Like This?

I love Mike Zeck. I also love the treatment the title got. “Trade dressing” I think they call it. But what’s going on with this pose? I mean, Zeck does it better than 90% could, but there’s no saving this nonsense. Is he leaping at us? Jumping up to something? Is he falling? I can’t tell.

Also, Baron Zemo is just bad. That’s some real Mr. Potato Head stuff. Sorry, Mike.

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Captain America of The Avengers Dead Men Running Comic Set Signed by Derek Hess

moulinpuj is selling a rare 3 piece Captain America set from 2002. This is a special set, it is drawn by Derek Hess. Hess is famous for all those cool concert posters you’ve seen on Ebay. Definitely one of my favorite artists and he was nice enough to sign these.

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I Needed A Time Machine To Find A Decent Hulk Shirt

Had to hop in the way-back machine and go through bins at Woolworth to find the shirt of my dreams. Thanks, 1980s. You know how to make comics seem counter-culture, even if they were selling far more copies at the time.

IRON-ONS! I don’t know what the chances of these working in 2012 is, but at that price it’s entirely worth taking a chance. Plus, NOTEBOOK PAPER.

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I Wish the Vision Was My Laptop

Sorry about my absence. Computer exploded.

To celebrate, here’s an auction that is is the opposite of how I feel. Computers are NOT fun. I think Mephisto is behind the whole thing. Hulk smash computers.

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If a Head Is Cut Off…

So you want to cosplay as a member of a secret order of Nazi-affiliated madmen bent on world domination? We got your embroidered uniform patch right here! Now you can pretend to be part of a deathsquad fixated on the marriage of science and the occult! FUN!

I just got back from Germany so expect a couple dozen Red Skull related posts this week.

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Is Marcos Martin the Best Artist In Comics?

Yes. He is. Buy these.

Poster for your wall. Fight nazism wherever it’s found. Who can argue with that? Hopefully not your wife or husband who insists you take down the comic book posters from your wall. Ask them whose side they’re on.

Very important you read this. Either for the Martin art or the Vaughn story or for your love of Doctor Strange. Whatever gets you there, just read it. It’s fantastic. All issues for cheap here. Buy.

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Hat Day At Gotham City Arena

Hats, dude. Comic hats. The most visible freak-flag out there. Go get one. Tell the world you truly do not give a crap.

Here’s the closest I could find to a wearable comic book related hat. Not too goofy, could be a sports team at a glance and isn’t a New Era flat-brim (the surest sign you only date women who work at Mr. Subb). This hat is passable… until you get to the “adjustable fit” component. What does that mean in this case? I don’t know. Hopefully one of those wack velcro dealies, because as lame as those are, they’re still cooler than snapbacks. Snapbacks are in right now, but in among people you want nothing to do with.

To give you an idea of how corny I think snapback hats are, check this auction out. I’d rather wear this Jughead-branded headpiece than a snapback. This thing is collectors-only because if you wear it in public people scooch down a few seats from you on subways and buses. Though, for what it’s worth, this hat is way cooler than your average “young skateboarder” beanie.

Here’s today’s clear winner. Put this on and feel all the power and mystique of Gotham’s caped crusader. Or feel like a true weirdo with a tenuous grasp on reality. Either/or.

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Truly Worthless Captain America Paraphernalia

Here’s how we count down the days to what will almost certainly be the best film of all time.

With the Captain America movie looming, a bubble economy has emerged on Ebay. Everyone wants to unload their worthless Cap products before the film hits. Do you think Green Lantern stuff is selling big right now? Nope. Gotta sell before people have a chance to make an informed decision. Let hype rule the market. Safer that way.

Check this out. This is a Cap toy from Argentina. Interesting, because I don’t know if children in the US would be terribly interested in Captain Argentina. Also, where’s Cap’s arm?

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Is This An Awkward Time To Mention Captain America’s Meth Problem?

Everyone remembers when Captain America was strung out on meth, right? It was a magical time in comics. A time where being in a meth-lab explosion didn’t leave you horribly disfigured in a Des Moines-area hospital burn unit. It just made you reckless. And cool as hell.

Some of these issues, no matter how ridiculous, were pretty fun reads. I love badguy on badguy violence and this arc had great examples of that. Cap should get hooked on drugs more often. Hopefully the paparazzi doesn’t get ahold of this sordid detail from his past. He’s got a movie coming out and doesn’t need this kind of press.

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