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Patriotism can be cool ask CAPTAIN AMERICA

I for one am looking forward to this movie. I really hope it does not let me down, with Disney’s purchase of Marvel many projects have been changed. Particularly Spiderman Reboot, moving him back to highschool. The trailer for this movie looks awesome, I love that they are taking it from the beginning rather than doing it through flashbacks. Captain America to me is one of those superheros that you really have to give a chance. The older comics seem pretty goofy by today’s standards, but the newer ones done by Jim Lee are awesome. I’m not happy with Chris Evans who played Human Torch in the Fantastic Four playing Cap. There are so many other potential actors they could have chosen. But I guess they wanted to play it safe. My vote would have been for John Cena after Steve Rogers takes the serum.

Check out CAP kick those Nazi’s asses. Why would they think they could win? By they way Marvel Bucky sucks CAP does not need a Robin.

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