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And as for my unexcused absence…

This is my situation. 

Except replace the members of X-Factor with a heavy work schedule, an insurance licensing exam, and putting together furniture. Next week – best week of comicnoize ever. Believe it. And tune in for some weekend jammin’ too… 

As for this gem, great story.

Cool cover that is VERY similar to the published cover! The story about this cover goes that Jim Shooter was getting VERY nit picky and wanted several changes to X-Factor…he had x-Factor#1 cover redrawn TWICE..and this is the cover the John Byrne drew which is almost IDENTICAL to the published cover as the exact same battle scene is going on..but the published over was drawn by Mike Zeck inked by Joe Rubinstein. Don’t miss out on this cool 1986 cover! 

Uncanny X-Men #119 – CGC 9.8

The era of Claremont / Byrne on Uncanny X-Men isn’t just considered classic – it’s canonical. This issue and story arc actually wasn’t the height of that ( just wait till X4 hits theaters in 2012 with new villain MOSES MAGNUM) but it was still pretty good. The blaxploitation parallels to Marvel in the late 70’s is amazing… and look who pops up here, one of my favorites, Misty Knight! Being a young lad I read this in the late 80’s as a part of the Classic X-Men reprints – crazy to think this was reprinted in September 1988, less than 10 years after it was initially published. 

To this specific item – I don’t think the copy of Classic X-Men I bought was in this kind of shape off the rack. The whites on the cover are popping and, like many late 70’s comics, the spine is completely off, but this still looks like one for the vault. Seller goes out of his way to mention the comic having white pages, which I almost wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t looking at how mint the cover is.  That teamed with the fact that it’s been graded at 9.8, okay, I’m a believer. Already has a grip of bids so I’ll be very curious to see where it ends.


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