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Top 100 Summer Comics #10

In comics, everyone dies. It’s almost inevitable. Moreso than that, everyone comes back to life. Almost.

There’s a few who I never thought would make it back. And even fewer from that group that I thought would come back and it would be AWESOME… and not corny.

Bucky fell into this rare grouping.

#10 – Captain America 14 (2005)

I urge you, click. See that price tag. Wha? And note, the other copy I found on Ebay was in line with that outrageous price. Still, I understand why. This is the linchpin issue of the modern Captain America saga. Bucky is back as the Winter Soldier – and it’s awesome. The groundwork for Cap getting killed and replaced… and for once, I’d be okay with the replacement keeping the position, even with a resurrected Steve Rogers creeping around the Marvel U again.

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