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Bootleg Joker Tee?

Over at Tee Till Death, we see a lot of bootlegs. Goes with the territory. But I have to be honest, while I have seen plenty of bootleg superhero toys and comics, I have never seen an actual bootleg superhero tee shirt. I believe that has now changed…

I see no DC trademark anywhere on here, and I have never seen a legit piece of DCU memorabilia with out one yet. Plus the artwork, much as I like it, is well… seems pretty amateur by DC standards. That said, this is one cool looking shirt, and if anyone has any info on it I’d love to know it.

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Let Us All Take Note:

This is a Captain America Mego from the 70s.

A MEXICAN Captain America Mego.

Is there some sort of lesson about unity here?
Perhaps even a moral that could be applied to the current situation in Arizona?


I just posted it because it looks crusty and old and cool.

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Everyone needs a good Batman shirt…

And unless it’s strictly a “logo” tee…

It was probably not made in this decade. 

The shirt below fits what I’m looking for, but it’s not exactly right. Couple weird things about it, but at least it’s heading in the direction of what I’d want in my Batshirt. I’ll let the seller take over from here because sometimes they absolutely nail the descriptions. For further humor, PLEASE click through to see the creepy photo that for some reason accompanies this auction. 

 Vintage 80s Batman T-Shirt, not sure if the shirt is licensed, but its still awesome.
The shirt is in perfect vintage condition soft thin perfection.

Oh, the times they are a-changin’…

Batman costumes. A staple for conventions, late night taco bell runs, building forts in the woods and… 

Oh wait. I think I meant to say, “a staple for children’s halloween costumes.” 

Regardless of what, where, and when you are wearing it for, the Batman costume sure has come a long way. Which Batman are you?

Example 1 – Today. Or… Vinyl Padding Batman.

Nothing says “fear the night” like an oversized heavy vinyl mask. Pretty tight. 

Example 2 – 1990’s. Or… “Michael Keaton didn’t wear that!” Batman.

I might have made fun of this kid if I wasn’t absolutely positive that there’s pictures of me that are far more embarrassing. And I didn’t even get paid.

Example 3: 1960’s. Or… “These are definitely way better than what Adam West wore” Batman

For real – does Adam West order one of these? Can he afford to? Can he afford NOT to?

Example 4: Bootleg Batman. Or… Wow, that’s really bootleg. (Please note, the costume above could also carry the bootleg tag, considering it’s from Argentina and referred to as the “Bat Hero” costume.)

Wow. Just wow. I’m actually MORE appalled at the inverted Darth Vader costume. Which forevermore will be referred to in my head as the Varth Dader costume. Terrible! 

And YOU MUST accessorize that costume.

Am I the only one who finds the use of “ADULT” in regards to this belt either odd or gross?

And finally – Learn where that Batman costume came from. Bat-Dad!

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