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Am I Too Skeptical?

Whenever a seller on Ebay claims they have some really old, awesome, stuff in unused condition, I put on my sleuthing hat. I naturally doubt statements like, “found in an attic at my dead uncle’s house. He never wore any of the clothes he bought, so it’s brand new!” or “I knocked down a wall in my new home and found the world’s most pristine collection of Battle Beasts.” I just don’t buy it.

So where do I stand on this Marvelman/Miracleman shirt? Dude says he bought a store and this was one of the stock items he found. Unused. Hm. Certainly seems old. But the seller’s name is Toastedbudman. Doesn’t make him seem like the most reputable character. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine there being such a demand for Marvelman merch that someone would go to the trouble of bootlegging it now.

Either way, this shirt is a cool piece of crap for very little money. Pick it up and if it happens to NOT be the genuine article, just keep the lie alive.

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