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Islands in the Sun

Sorry I’ve been absent. Just took a trip to Kingston, Jamaica, to record some music. It was cool as hell. Everyone told me Kingston was a violent ghetto, but that wasn’t my experience. It may be mostly a ghetto, but no violence befell me. In fact, I felt entirely safe during the day and felt confident anytime I was with a local. Rumors of the place being a blacker version of Madripoor from the Marvel Universe were greatly exaggerated. I encountered no gun-runners, ninjas, mutant mercenaries, or any of the other hassles Wolverine has in Madripoor. But, I sort of wish I did, so here’s an auction of a classic issue of Wolverine so we all have a shot at living my unfulfilled dream. Next time I pick an island to record on, it’ll hopefully have a strong HYDRA presence.

And here’s a Bob Marley comic. I like it for the colors on the Marvel logo alone, so I’m sure the interior is cool too.

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