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Top 100 Summer Comics #15

I talked about Iron Man and his rogues gallery yesterday. Here’s an example of a well placed oddball villain making for a killer issue. Had he become a regular, it would have ruined the moment. But that’s why comics are put out in single issues, and why it’s slowly becoming a lost art.

#15 – Iron Man 252

Somehow a washed up former Iron Fist villain showed up JUST enough for a great issue. I was at the height of my encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel universe… and I had never heard of this guy. A good isolation issue.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #95

I was almost in a Romita Jr. state of mind, again.

He had a pretty impressive run on IRON MAN, but what came to my mind when I thought of Tony Stark, only one artist comes to my mind. Bob Layton.

He’s not the first. Probably not the best. But he defined the character with his uniquely smooth style for a long time.

#95 – Iron Man 250

A redeux of the Iron Man / Dr. Doom story from issue #150, the story is a fun time warp romp. Imagine the future. But now imagine the future, with MAGIC.

As you might imagine, the story isn’t winning a pulitzer, but it’s the kind of story that does just enough to keep you moving the pages. A nice homage to a relatively well done story. Oh and how did I not mention the Arno Stark appearance? If you don’t know, well… you might have to google that one. It’s a doozie.

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