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Did I Miss A Random Comic Book Friday?

I do believe I did. Sorry about that, I got this new toy called an iPad and was busy playing with the Marvel and DC apps for most of last week… they’re pretty sweet, I’ve gotta say. Anyways, to make up for it, here are not 2, but THREE random comics (well, 2 comics and one comic strip):

Ok, wait, really? $19.99 BIN for issue 12 of the latest volume of New Mutants? At first my mind was kind of blown, but then I checked into it and saw that yes, many copies of this issue have gone in the 15-20 dollar range (the David Finch varient gets into the upper 20s/30 dollar range). And there are other copies up with BIN’s in the $35-50 range, so hey, this is actually a bargain.

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