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Licensed Comics Suck

Comics featuring licensed properties suck. Sorry. They suck. I might end up writing one someday, and I’ll do my best to make it great, but tell me I’m wrong. These damn things make no impact on anyone. It’s almost sad. A tree died for this no account piece of crap.

Let’s talk about this classic in the world of unnecessary licenses. Rambo 3 the comic book. First, what’s this pose? What is John Rambo actually doing? Is he lunging? Jumping? His headband isn’t making this any easier for me. Why is it flowing in the wind like that? Also, is this actually Rambo? Is he supposed to look like Sylvester Stallone? He doesn’t. And is that a smile? Did Rambo smile? Ever? Further, did we really need a 3-D version of a turd? Does it come in smell-o-vision? Licensed comics suck.

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Jungle Fever

Paul Chadwick, my superhero.

This is a piece of his personal catalog I almost missed. A 3-D “adult” (?!) fantasy epic about an amnesiac jungle woman told in two-issues. It’s Paul’s first paying gig and was written by Steve Perry (not, THAT Steve Perry… I think) but even without the benefit of Paul’s writing, this is worth coveting. Paul could illustrate a treatment manual for thrush and it would still be gorgeous.

And for any established Chadwick superfan, here’s a bonus. The cover proof for Samimba issue one! Now you can be obscure, weird, but also incredibly tasteful. I like to give you people first crack at these auctions, but if no one jumps soon I might snatch this up for myself.

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