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Blackest Friday

Black Friday is upon us! People love to buy things! Let’s do it up! No time to talk! Get black!

Black Panther! (actually a page from Avengers issue 179)

Black Bolt! (actually Fantastic Four issue 46, Italian edition iFantastici Quattro)

That scary black lantern guy who kicked-off the events of Blackest Night which may or may not have happened now that the universe has been rebooted or renumbered or whatever the hell. Whatever. I’m sure this dude will be around.

Black Hole! This is actually a good deal! Buy this now!

Back to the Black Bolt! Now, ridiculously expensive!

Black Cat! This one actually makes a pretty nice gift. Humberto Ramos art. People love it.

Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black
Musta been a white guy who started all that
(Make the Gas Face!) For those little white lies
– 3rd Bass “The Gas Face”

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Posters Of the Damned

Tomorrow, I promise I’ll post some items you may actually want. But today I’d like to take a minute and celebrate the auction items that are just shy of being given away for free. I don’t want to call them the dredges of the promotional poster world, but they’re undersized, under-realized, and often hawking characters or series no one cares about. They’re hard sells. But being set at rock-bottom prices turns a hard sell into a “why not” and that’s where these auctions find themselves. Check’m out and get impulsive.

I would buy a Frank Quitely illustration of a photo of my girl with another man. That’s how much I love his work. But what the hell am I looking at? The female, bug, Angel? Was any effort made to make her a real character? Why does a poster of her even exist?

George Perez at not his finest moment. Is it bad? No. But is it as good as Perez gets? Hell no. Also, I lose track of which Robin people care about and which they think is stupid. This one has my vote for stupid.

This one is a little different because this person isn’t selling a single poster, but a service. They are available for poster commissions of the sort you’re currently looking at. How can you say no? Anything you want drawn, in any medium! And at that price- so worth it!

And my favorite, a promotional poster for a series so forgettable and ill-conceived that I needed a reminder not only that it exists but that series of this type still exist. Thanks, poster.

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Tracing Your Steps

Let me start this post by stating I have no issue with heavy use of references, obviously lightboxing, or straight-up tracing. Ultimately, I don’t care what route you take to get there as long as the destination is “visually appealing with solid storytelling”. That’s it. Provided the final product looks good and reads well, you can cut-and-paste panels from classic comics into a new narrative. If hip-hop can do it, so can you.

The problem with these tactics is that they often do not result in a cohesive panel-to-panel flow. That’s one of the big beefs people have with Greg Land. His most strident shittalkers will attack his obvious lightbox use and perhaps less-than-creative references. But to hell with that. I don’t hate the dude for taking the short way through the woods, I don’t care for him because he’s often stiffer than Rocket Raccoon’s pecker. The panels don’t flow because the poses are borrowed from references that DON’T include Wolverine slashing a sentinel.

So why am I posting up this auction? Because every time you talk Land, his detractors go out and find his references and/or tracing material. Which is sort of a fun game, really. So here you go, the Black Cat, or maybe Marisa Miller, or Coco, or Jenna Jameson. Go, find that reference!

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Top 100 Summer Comics #46

Retro ’70s has been the rage for Marvel this decade.

Iron Fist. Power Man. Hell, I think Shang Chi is getting a revamp soon.

And the ladies of Marvel, wow. Spider-Woman is just the headliner, the ladies of the dragon (Misty Knight and Colleen Wing) have gotten a minute… but my favorite?

Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat. She was the first out there chick to threaten MJ’s Spider-Love.

Here’s to the best female character of the 1970’s, who much like Todd Rundgren, has never been shown the due love that many of her peers have gotten. Someone at Marvel make her a pet project.

#46 – Amazing Spider-Man 194

PS – Go out and download “Something/Anything” and listen while reading comic books. it feels good.

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