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Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants plus Levis 501 Denim

Back in the early 90’s I remember seeing a commercial for Levi’s Jeans that featured a young up and coming artist named Rob Liefeld. The commercial was directed by none other than Spike Lee, who at the time was directing a lot of Nike’s commercials. In the background you can see images of The New Mutant comics that Rob had begun illustrating for Marvel. The title was in a major slump until Rob came along and pulled it out. Later on Rob would leave and start Image comics along with some other great artists. Rob has been no stranger to controversy his career like many other artist has been plagued with many ups and downs. But I would rather focus on some of the milestones instead. These are few of my favorite New Mutant’s issues.


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Bad, Better, Best.

Worst to first, an assortment of comic posters.

BAD – Time displaced mutant hero/cop from the ’90s. Next.

BETTER – Jim Lee’s Wolverine in a traditional X-Team Uni. Cool, but not the best Jim Lee / X-Men poster.

BEST -John Romita Sr. puts together a Spider-Man poster on a bright sunny day in New York. Somewhere, the world is alive with happiness.

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Classic Glasses, volume 2.

We have here a pair of bland, generic looking Terminator sunglasses. Very 90s.

Very bland.

Very boring.

But wait! Tilt them towards the light and behold!

The Juggernaut! The Juggernaut! The Juggernaut!

Now tilt them away again.

He’s fighting Wolverine and Bishop! ON YOUR FACE!

From junk to classic in two twists of your wrist.

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