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A perfect fit.

I’m trying, and failing, to think of a comic appearance of Emma Frost, the White Queen, that was illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz. If it did happen, I’ll need to track that down. Until then, this commission piece will serve as an absolutely perfect example of when a certain artist’s style fits the character perfectly.

I have no idea when this piece was commissioned, but it’s one of my favorites I’ve come across. Sienkiewicz absolutely works so well in black and white, and his strong, sharp angles, mixed medium usage and just general feel is better than any of the billion artists who’ve received rave reviews on their depictions of Ms. Frost. The image feels like it’s judging you, and that’s exactly what every piece of dialogue should feel like from this character; one of the unique pieces of comic book / visual story telling is when the image does a better job of conveying character than the words used. A+

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Happy Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day

It’s all been leading up to this! Game day! Welcome to the big show, baby! You better not be outside on this gorgeous day! It’s basement or nothing on this special day. Time to play some D&D!

I think you’ll agree so much of what’s listed on Ebay is a rip-off. Inflated prices looking to separate you from your hard-earned cash. It’s nice to find something worth every penny. In this case I think we can safely call it a steal. I urge you all to act quickly and pick up this Bill Sienkiewicz illustrated original art for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon before it sells. At prices like this, it won’t be around for long. Hot deal alert!

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #84

David Haller was always a lost soul.

I guess that happens when you are the son of Charles Xavier, who proved himself to be quite an absentee father.

Oh and by the way has dissociative identity disorder, or as they called it in the olden days, multiple personality disorder. And each of which comes with it’s own set of mutant powers.

Good luck, Cannonball…

#85 – New Mutants 26

Not necessarily an even fight. But the three issue story arc that kicks off here set the stage for Legion’s insanity to come. Which led to the Shadow King possessing him, and then being able to use his powers to control a whole slew of x-folks… and that eventually led to Legion’s attempt to right his wrongs in the Legion Quest. You know, the story that led to the best alternaverse storyline ever… the Age of Apocalypse. Sign up for the Sienkiewicz covers, and stick around for a pretty cool read.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #91

Lakers v. Celtics.

Road Runner v. Willie E Coyote.

Tupac v. Biggie.

Coke v. Pepsi.

Rivalries make life great. It gives one force a polar opposite upon which direct competition reveals so many similarities; while at the same time reinforcing what defines that force’s very being.

Wolverine v. Sabretooth.

#91 – Wolverine #10

The cover was perfect. The story was perfect. Emotional, gritty, and it went beyond the “Well gee gosh they done both got claws!” that had up until this point been the relation between the two characters. Must read. John Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz absolutely earned every cent for the pencils/ink on this issue, absolutely perfect tone. What a combo.

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Who Knows How To Draw An Awesome Freakin’ Shadow?

Bill Sienkiewicz knows.

This is some straight up censored Age of Quarrel LP sleeve artwork steeze.

Be sure to click on the pic and check out the sellers other auctions, he has literally TONS of signed goodies up for sale, including the rest of the portfolio this came from.

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Sienkiewicz. Logan Sienkiewicz.

He’s the best he is at what he does, and what he does ain’t pretty.

But it sure looks cool.

Yeah, yeah it’s a horrible joke. Leave me alone.

Original Art.

This seller has a whole lot of original artwork up right now. Definitely worth checking out.

These are the two I’d choose to bid on, had I the money.

A 1983 Jack Kirby redesign(?) of every one’s favorite Darkseid flunky Desaad, and an awesome Bill Sienkiewicz Black Widow sketch.

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