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Jim Will Always Be Jim

Let’s forget for a moment that none of us can afford this. Let’s also ignore the fact that there is nothing remarkable enough about it to justify the asking price. Put that in the back of your mind.

Instead, let’s discuss the value of knowing your role versus the need to expand beyond it. We can all agree it would be unreasonable for Shaq to wake up one day and insist on playing forward. Or for Tom Brady to suddenly feel compelled to play defensive tackle. Being good at one thing isn’t a cause for shame, it’s a necessity. This isn’t Dungeons & Dragons where there is tangible benefit to being “well-rounded”. This is the real world where being freakin’ awesome at ONLY one thing will get you millions of dollars and a model for a wife. With that in mind, do I praise this Jim Lee vision of Death from the Sandman series? He has made Death a Jim Lee creation. This doesn’t look a thing like the original character. If we stripped the ankh off of her, I would just assume this was Deathblow’s girlfriend or some shit.

Is it a crime to have your own style and never expand on it? Is it wrong to pass over continuity for the same of your own visual consistency? I don’t know. But it’s worked for Jim and a number of other 90s creators who are always in demand. My commissions aren’t selling for 3k, so I’d probably defer to Mr. Lee on this one.

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