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Need a comic book from Iceland featuring sex and psychedelic nonsense? Well, this week’s ebay weirdo find is for you. If you look closely in the photo you can see a panel of conga-line lovemaking. Very Euro. I don’t have the background on this one, but I imagine Bjork has something to do with it.

I’ll be doing a megapost on Moebius passing soon, but in the meantime trip out on some glue-sniffing material from the frozen wastes.

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Rich? Incredibly Weird? Enjoy Picnics?

So you’re planning a nice afternoon in the country with your best girl/guy? You’ve got the basket, the blanket, the polyurethane prophylactics, and the sparkling grape juice. But do you have a lunchbox/thermos pairing that will really knock her/his socks off? Well, you do now. I scoured Ebay for the best combination of food-holding devices and came up with the following. The lunchbox may SEEM pricy, but I think you’ll agree it’s worth it to make an impression.

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Superheroes Can Go To Hell

I’ve written about The Cross and the Switchblade here in the past, but I don’t remember this cover. Is this a second printing? A variant given to selected retailers?

I’d cast superheroes into flames if I could just get great comics like this instead. This is like the white, pacifist version of the original Luke Cage, Hero for Hire series. Look at all the street action! This is a hero for now. For the kids of today, the ones facing real-life troubles.

Check this auction out. A piece of comic book history is being sold through a ridiculously cheap Buy It Now option. I’m going as David Wilkerson for Halloween.

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Planning My Own Intervention

So living nowhere near a comic shop is bad. That’s a given. But there’s something far worse. Something that doesn’t just rob you of an entertainment option, but instead replaces it with a time-consuming compulsion that steals your dignity. I’m talking about living close to a manga store.

I’ve never been a manga man. My American comic interests have been pretty consuming and breaking into a world as dense as Japanese comics was too intimidating. But desperate times call for desperate actions, and as I’m miles from a comic shop and only blocks from a manga shop- I’ve decided to dabble.

But what started as a recreational thing has snowballed out of control and I find myself reading books like Prince of Tennis. For those of you who were as blind to manga as I was, POT is a solid representation of shonen books. Those are manga works aimed at an adolescent readership. As you might have guessed, it’s about tennis. And you may be surprised to learn, that shit is popular.

So popular there’s over 40 volumes of this stuff out there:

So popular that POT cosplay is a real thing. Think about this for a second. These people aren’t dressing up as Wolverine and escaping their office jobs for a day at a convention. They’re wearing tennis gear. They could have just joined the YMCA. Check it:

SO popular that this is real:

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