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Viva Mexican Comics

Ok, so if we’re going to get technical, some of these aren’t Mexican comics, they’re translated comics from the US. But let’s not get too heavy here and instead just acknowledge that Mexico is awesome and celebrate that fact by bidding on some comics. Buy them for a friend who is building a bar in the hip part of town. He can frame them and it’ll be “clever” or something.

You know this guy. Diabolico. He’s “El Hombre Que No Something A Nada!”

Sexual truckers. Viva.

It does seem gran.

The fact that I don’t speak the language makes this comic 20x more bizarre, and appealing.

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Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson

Jerry Robinson passed today. You’ll be hearing a lot about his struggle for creator rights and many people will testify about his ability as an illustrator. I’ll let them do the heavy-lifting and I’ll leave it at this. Thanks, Mr. Robinson.

I chose an auction everyone can afford. If you’re looking for first-printings of Jerry’s work- it’s going to cost you. While you’re saving up for those, buy this. It’s a good-looking, signed print.

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Posters Of the Damned

Tomorrow, I promise I’ll post some items you may actually want. But today I’d like to take a minute and celebrate the auction items that are just shy of being given away for free. I don’t want to call them the dredges of the promotional poster world, but they’re undersized, under-realized, and often hawking characters or series no one cares about. They’re hard sells. But being set at rock-bottom prices turns a hard sell into a “why not” and that’s where these auctions find themselves. Check’m out and get impulsive.

I would buy a Frank Quitely illustration of a photo of my girl with another man. That’s how much I love his work. But what the hell am I looking at? The female, bug, Angel? Was any effort made to make her a real character? Why does a poster of her even exist?

George Perez at not his finest moment. Is it bad? No. But is it as good as Perez gets? Hell no. Also, I lose track of which Robin people care about and which they think is stupid. This one has my vote for stupid.

This one is a little different because this person isn’t selling a single poster, but a service. They are available for poster commissions of the sort you’re currently looking at. How can you say no? Anything you want drawn, in any medium! And at that price- so worth it!

And my favorite, a promotional poster for a series so forgettable and ill-conceived that I needed a reminder not only that it exists but that series of this type still exist. Thanks, poster.

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Livin’ In the Past

Here’s two items that no longer fulfill their primary purpose, but nevertheless act as wonderfully inexpensive collectables.

Was 1996 a good year for you? Why not relive it, right down to Wolverine bone-claw fighting a bear? Take that time machine to calmer days.

What good is a calendar from 1986? Not much. Unless it has Batman somehow saying August with a grid of numbers. Sgt. Rock is just counting the days until his tour is over and he can get back to running the grain store in his small Nebraska town. Little does he know his series will be canceled and he’ll spend eternity in a warzone.

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Hat Day At Gotham City Arena

Hats, dude. Comic hats. The most visible freak-flag out there. Go get one. Tell the world you truly do not give a crap.

Here’s the closest I could find to a wearable comic book related hat. Not too goofy, could be a sports team at a glance and isn’t a New Era flat-brim (the surest sign you only date women who work at Mr. Subb). This hat is passable… until you get to the “adjustable fit” component. What does that mean in this case? I don’t know. Hopefully one of those wack velcro dealies, because as lame as those are, they’re still cooler than snapbacks. Snapbacks are in right now, but in among people you want nothing to do with.

To give you an idea of how corny I think snapback hats are, check this auction out. I’d rather wear this Jughead-branded headpiece than a snapback. This thing is collectors-only because if you wear it in public people scooch down a few seats from you on subways and buses. Though, for what it’s worth, this hat is way cooler than your average “young skateboarder” beanie.

Here’s today’s clear winner. Put this on and feel all the power and mystique of Gotham’s caped crusader. Or feel like a true weirdo with a tenuous grasp on reality. Either/or.

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Eat Me, Batman.

Here’s just a smattering of the superhero-related utensils available on Ebay. Who knew people wanted to connect with their favorite characters while they ate? Because I suspect helps motivate a sale, I should mention that Catwoman has her whip in the spoon image. Get weird, 50-year-old men.

As odd as the collectors’ spoons are, I think the toddler utensils are even stranger. It says “Batman” on it. Can toddlers read? Serious question because I try not to know any toddlers so I have no idea. Wouldn’t an image of Batman himself be more effective?

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A Walt for Every Budget

We’ve done Simonson posts before here on Comic Noize, but really we could never do enough. The dude is a icon. So here’s a few auctions for you to peruse. Some original art, some production art and some mass-market stuff. Even if you don’t like Simonson (what? You crazy?) check the price on the commission. Who says we’re in a down economy?

Production art. I pump this stuff as much as possible. It’s just NEAT, bro.

A print from 84. Superman seems like kinda a dick in this one.

A 26 year old commission. Though the asking price is outside of what I’d pay for a car, nevermind an illustration, it is cool as hell.

A really cool poster that you’re going to have to try hard to convince your non-comic-reading domestic partner to hang in the living room. Good luck.

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Duh na na na, Duh na na na, FOREGROUND!

Love all 4 of these Neal Adams Batman covers, even if they’re are variations on the same “giant villain in the back ground, Batman and Robin cowering in the foreground” template…

That Joker cover is an all time great, but dude. THE SHADOW. In a Batbook. That’s AWESOME. It’s such a shame the whole Shadow in the DCU thing they tried in the 70s didn’t work out. Hopefully they can get the rights and work Mr Cranston into their excellent First Wave series, which has Batman working in the same universe as Doc Savage and The Avenger.

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EVS Rules.

Ethan Van Sciver is one of my current fave comic book artists right now. His Green Lantern stuff? Just awesome. But he also has a knack for the Bat, as these two pieces of original artwork will attest. You probably only have a shot at affording one of them though…

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Covers I Love: Anything With Hitler.

Perhaps that wasn’t the best title. Let me rephrase: Anything with Hitler, or any member of the Axis powers for that matter, getting clowned by the famous comic characters of the time period. This stuff is just total vintage Americana. Anyone from Superman to Batman to Joe Palooka and a chest tattooed Uncle Sam to a bizarre WC Fields version of our old friend Father TIme teamed up with a New Year’s Indian, I don’t care. I just love seeing grotesque caricatures of real life villains getting their just desserts in over blown cartoon form. You could never do these now and get away with it…

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