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Good Morning Comic Noize!

Think about how great your day would be if you had been woken up by the dulcet tones put out by this vintage Batman and Robin alarm clock!

Robin: Time to GET UP and out of bed!
Batman: Good boy Robin, very well said!

No cup of coffee could be stronger.

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Who knew fighting crime could be so cutesy wootsy?

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Great Things About Summer:

Playing dominoes at night on back porches.

Only one way to make that greater:

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Ok, Who’s Got A Jean Jacket I Can Borrow?

Pins and patches.

The cornerstone of every Denim Dan’s jacket decorating.

Me, I’d go for the pins. I’ve never been a big patch guy.

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Comic Book Character Merchandising: It’s Not Just For Kids Anymore.

Good news for all you grown up comic fans out there!

Now you can light your cigarette off your crotch with this:

And when you get done, you can snuff it out in this:

(I won’t lie to you, the ashtray’s pretty sweet. It’s vintage, donchaknow.)

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“Hidden Loot”? Not Really.

There’s nothing hidden about this loot lot.

In fact, it’s blatantly awesome. Blatantly.

More pics in the auction.

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