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Bargain Alert!

From time to time, like most comic buyers, I like to check out something new.

This was a surprise find, and something I’m happy to pass on. 

About 5 years ago, I checked out this miniseries that was being promoted gently (as in, being pushed but in a very “we’re trying this out and seeing if anyone likes it…?!” way) by Marvel as a part of a new group of books. Don’t remember the others, but LIVEWIRES stuck out. 

It wasn’t ground breaking, but it was edgy, quick and smooth. There was some cohesion by the very manga influenced art and the overly sexualized and youthful dialogue. As one may say, it worked. Sadly, it lasted a mere six issues. To my knowledge, none of the characters have been picked up in any further Marvel titles, which is a shame because it fits nicely into the whole life model decoys / doombots / etc theme which I always dug. 

Came across this, the first issue with a very reasonable buy it now and was struck with the idea for the post.

And then I did a little more digging. Sadly, Marvel didn’t collect this into a graphic novel, but went for the smaller digest collection. Not my cup of tea – but I have this and it’s okay. The story makes it worth it. And… cheaper than the single issue listed above? And… dude, it’s under $3. Just buy one.

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