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When toys go wrong.

I’ve been working mentally on a Gambit post, both in support and against the character who set the 90’s on fire.

He was arguably the last significant addition to the X-Men from Claremont’s epic run. Was it an incredible going away present, or was it a kiss-off stab?

I’ll say this – the post was much easier until I saw this failed ToyBiz prototype.


Thankfully this never made it further than these prototypes. I’m not sure which direction this fork floats the story, but the sign reads “Shits Creek.”
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My least favorite issue – Avengers

Hey, you know another BUMMER character? Janet Pym. The Wasp. 

She’s cooler than… well that’s a hard question. She’s had her moments, but for a while she’s been a total sucker. And how bout making her worse – here’s some weird version of her. I remember picking this up and just being blown away by how wack the entire issue was. Make sure to buy this to truly know a bad comic book. 

From the wikipedia on The Wasp…

“Van Dyne has also displayed several non-superhuman abilities that have garnered her special fame and attention, foremost of which is her fashion sense; in nearly all of her early appearances, she sported a new costume, presumably designed and manufactured on her own as she is a gifted fashion designer. She is also a skilled amateur screenwriter.”

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