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Please Maintain Decorum While Bidding

Sometimes I feel irresponsible bringing certain auctions to light. The massive interest in the piece can cause a virtual stampede and often the bidding gets intense, sometimes even dangerous. This is such an auction. Here we have an unremarkable portrait of a d-list character, Squirrel Girl, penciled by a man I’ve never heard of. Please, no pushing and shoving to get your hands on this one. Bid in an orderly fashion and may the best man win.

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Spider-Man is Into Italian Motorsports

Here’s one more for the kids. If you always imagined that Peter Parker would eventually leave his job at the Bugle for a more lucrative career as a MotoGP driver, well, here’s your toy. I guess. I don’t know what’s up with Spider-Man’s pants in this dynamic and entirely not-depressing version of his character. He does look like quite a playboy in that jacket though. Totally doesn’t suck. And the yellow kneepads are a simple, yet effective, accessory that feels appropriate for the outfit. Altogether, a well-designed figure I could see myself adding to my collection.

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