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More Ashcans From Forgettable Comics

My last post stirred something deep inside me. I am now on the hunt for the most dated and irrelevant comic’s works I can find. Anyone can find forgettable comic books on ebay. I think it takes a master to find forgettable comics everyone remembers.  I’m going to continue to mix the ubiquitous with the obscure here, by seeking out rare formats of high-profile books.

I bring you, Homage Studios Swimsuit Issue! And in less-than-vivid ashcan format! Remember this? Barely, right? It wasn’t good! The respect we all have for Jim Lee and the importance we acknowledge that first-generation of Image to have in the history of comics doesn’t save this superfluous jerk-book. I never got past the first issue of any of the comics they pulled characters from for this book, so I can’t imagine it can stand on its own. That said, a lot of these creators were criticized for their storytelling and since I have to imagine the Swimsuit Issue is just pinups, maybe this works.

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