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Art Adams Career Missteps Are Still Pretty Good

I really hated this crossover(?) and I didn’t think it was Adams’ best work. That said, it’s still better than 90% of comic artists, dead or alive. Celebrate that tacky “let’s drop every character who sells into the same book for a week” nonsense with this poster. Take it up to Adams at a con and see if he doesn’t wince just a little.

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Two Great Things That Go Great Together:

We all know the usual suspects. Peanut butter and chocolate. Cookies and milk. Etc.

Well here’s a new one for the list:

The Creature From The Black Lagoon and Arthur Adams.

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Arthur Adams, Chapter 3: For the refined reader.

My final post on the great Arthur Adams for today. (hey, I love trilogies.)

When I think of Arthur Adams work in the 80’s, three specific books come to mind. There’s a few others, but these stand out as being the best to me. I love his X-Men work, and the Asgardian / New Mutants / X-Men crossover still resonates… just not quite as much as these three issues.

X-Babies. No, really… this is THEIR story. Mojo Mayhem is a caper to end all capers, and is without question one of the most concise and FUN stories Chris Claremont ever put together. The star of the book outside of the X-Babies? Well, maybe it’s Excalibur, seeing as how this is under their heading? No. It’s Ricochet Rita. Who? Yes. Essentially, the X-Bebs sitter, she is dragged through a quick, fun, and smart adventure that reads both like a out and out adventure as well as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, we-can-laugh-at-ourselves tale. Give it a shot – I bet you’ll enjoy it.

The story was perfect at the time. Absolutely out of nowhere, the FF go missing and the most unlikely of heroes team up to save them – The Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider. Looking back, this could be looked at as playing with the same instruction guide that Brian Michael Bendis used to reform the Avengers… aka bring in the heavy hitters! What strikes me most about this issue is how perfect Adams’ Mole Man is. I’m shocked these issues of Fantastic Four haven’t been collected yet.

Days of Future Present. I can rave for days about this, and that if it weren’t for the mixed bag of artists across the storyline that this would be held in a much higher esteem. Starring the deranged, nearly omnipotent Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers, this crossover was equal parts alternaverse adventure and tragic love story. It’s a total shame that Arthur Adams didn’t do all of the art for this crossover, some of the pages he did in this issue are perfect. The splash page that opens the Uncanny X-Men Annual 14 pictured above is still one of my favorite images.

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Arthur Adams, Chapter 2: For the penny wise

With such a wealth of work, it’s not hard to find those big name items.

They just come with those big ticket prices.

What about those of us who just don’t have that kind of money lying around? No worries. Many cool items abound to add to a unique Arthur Adams appreciation.

His two most(?) recent sketchbooks, made in very limited quantities. Chock full’o rare and never before seen images. I want to see these. I want to own these. Hey, I can afford to, too!

I feel like I’ve espoused my love of the Modern Masters series before, but this is the ABSOLUTE bible on an artist as soon as it comes out. Comprehensive, definitive, complete – these are an a treasure and I plan on owning as many of them as I can. Great content, both written and visual. A must.

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Arthur Adams, Chapter 1: Deep Pockets

Great artists die hard.

I think like the great John Travolta, Arthur Adams had a lil’ bit of the Phoenix Force in his guts too. Because after being on the outskirts of mainstream comics for much of the 90’s, Arthur Adams has returned with the gusto he had in the 80’s, and then some.

I’d go as far as to say that his art has now reached the apex that it only hinted at back in his younger days – he has finally nailed down a high grade of consistency that is almost unmatched in not only it’s detail, but the nearly effortless energy it exudes. Like Michael Jordan and basketball, Arthur Adams was put on this planet to draw comic books.

To celebrate that, I decided to go with a dual post on Mr. Adams, and this will be for the higher end. So get out your checkbook (or paypal account) and get ready to bleed for these. But believe me – they’re worth every penny.

How can you go wrong with Colossus, Storm, and a giant magical dog? Trick question, you can’t.

A “new era” piece by Adams, this is from the recently published Ultimate X series. Getting a lot of attention from bidders already.

My favorite of the bunch, absolutely awesome recreation of the first appearance of Wolverine, from Incredible Hulk #181.

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