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Well, he always WAS the weird one…

For some reason that I have never seen explained, the early 1961 issues of Archie’s Pal Jughead had covers far more in tune with the creatures from Weird Tales than Riverdale’s favorite love struck teens. Why? I have no idea. Probably someone just decided that that was the cool thing with all the kids that year.

Well newsflash. It’s still cool.

Betty and Veronica (and Elvis).

On a whim, I started looking for Elvis paraphernalia this afternoon, and I stumbled upon this seemingly unrelated item.

At first glance, it seems odd that the auction title would include the King’s name. And a quick skim around the internet revealed that the starting price is a good 15-20 dollars above the average value of a near mint Betty and Veronica comic for that era and issue range. So what’s the deal?

That’s the deal.

No, seriously, that’s the deal. A one page “Star of the Month” bio on Elvis Presley (if I could reproduce that all-American tri-color font for his name here, I would). A more thorough internet digging shows that, while other issues in the #40-50 range stay down around 80 bucks NM, this issue can be worth up to $150. All because of one single, solitary page.

All hail the King.

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