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What If No One Cared?

I’ll be back on Monday with Ebay listings of items you may actually want. In the meantime, here’s a couple that aren’t in great demand. They perfectly demonstrate that, like all comics, What If is only as strong as the writer’s effort. What the hell are these?

What if Archangel Fell From Grace? What does it mean? I don’t understand. He’s not an actual angel. The cover tells me nothing. Insider Trading? Human Trafficking? Match fixing on the collegiate level? What did he get into?

I couldn’t tell you what might happen if The Avengers lost Galactic Storm because I, like everyone else on Earth, doesn’t remember Galactic Storm. Was it lamer or less lame than Atlantis Attacks? I like this cover art because it’s not clear if they were approaching Earth and were blown back or if they were on Earth and blown off it. I like to think the latter.

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