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Top 100 Summer Comics #40

I almost don’t even know if I should talk about this as much as post the cover and the creative team.

#40 – Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

Walter Simonson, writer. (!!)

Mike Mignola, penciler. (!!!!)

Buttttt…. I will write a little anyways. An almost surprisingly awesome book, even with the credo that this particular writer/artist combo bring. Apocalypse was still early in his character development and I think this particular one shot went a long way towards establishing him. In my last post I mentioned how important the setting is to a great wolverine tale – this one is no different. Somehow Mike Mignola drawing Wolverine fighting cyborg T-Rex’s in the Savage Land just works on every possible level. If you’ve never read this, and I hadn’t for quite a while, dig it up and dig in.

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Hot 100 Summer Comics… #90

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by looking at the tragic and short fatherhood of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.

His son became Cable, for all that is good and bad with the character. But for me, the most interesting and cool part about the character is how he got there.

#90 – X-Factor #68

Nathan Christopher Summers was captured and infected with the techno organic virus. There was a decision to make between saving his life by sending him to the future or… well there wasn’t much of a decision. The story set up the entire Askani’son storyline / future and I have always been a huge fan. The Whilce Portacio art is on point. Loved it so much that I think I used to trace this cover. OOF. I don’t think the issue available here will have trace impression on the cover.

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