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I’m Trippin’ Balls Over Here, Maaan

My Ann Nocenti worship post yesterday led me to take a closer look at her career. Fun fact I wasn’t aware of- she created Mojo, Marvel’s most confusing character. I thought maybe I didn’t understand the character because I’ve only picked up portions of his story. He bounces around the “X” end of the Marvel universe and I don’t read every one of those books. Perhaps his story seemed fractured to me because of my failure to have the million dollars needed to keep up with X-Men for the past 25 years.


This dude is wild. There is no understanding this guy. I just spent an hour on his wikipedia entry and feel like I’ve just returned from a wormhole that bent time and space into color and song. Even if you grasp his incredibly weird introduction, the path that he took under various writers is like wandering through a psych ward on a full moon.

If you like a challenge, start at the beginning. Mojo’s first appearance is Longshot issue 3. One pill makes you bigger…

Another fun fact: Ann Nocenti was an editor at High Times for a year. It all comes together.

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