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Top 100 Summer Comics #25

Wow, last quarter to go. Feel like we should get a good sprint to the end here.

Let’s start with what I wouldn’t call a classic, or even a modern classic… but somehow a ’90s classic feels right. So that’s what this qualifies as.

#25 – X-Men 25

I’m not going to lie, this issue really did surprise me. I was shocked at almost the entire circumstances. Wait, Magneto pulled the adamantium off of Wolverine’s skeleton through his pores? Jeez. And then Xavier wiped Magneto’s brain clean, basically rendering him an invalid?

PS THIS ALL TOOK PLACE  ON ASTEROID M, aka the hurling space station that had been co-opted by Magneto into essentially an outer space mutant casino. Yeah, that’s right, casino. Or rather maybe Magneto’s version of the Playboy Mansion. Please see this if you are a nonbeliever.

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